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.NET Framework

Getting MySQL work with Entity Framework 4.0

Application Development

Part 2: Career development as a Software Developer without becoming a manager.


Help A Hacker: Give ‘Em The Windows Source Code


Windows Phone Marketplace payouts coming in January, reporting available now


How to use T4 templates in WP7, Silverlight, Desktop or even MonoDroid apps

TFS 2010 – Making Your Build Log Less Noisy

Additional Steps for enabling re-targeting of Test Projects to .Net Framework 3.5 in VS 2010 SP1 Beta

Test Attachment Cleaner powertool released!!!

데이터 기반 단위 테스트 만들기

Cleaning /removing attachments from Test Cases in TFS.

Test Attachment Cleaner powertool released!!!

Portfolio Management: TFS <-> Project Server Integration in Beta


WCF AppFabric Auto-Start Demo

Windows/SQL Azure

Real World Windows Azure: Interview with Kevin Lam, President, IMPACTA