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.NET Framework

How to re-target unit-tests to .Net Framework 3.5 in VS 2010 SP1

Doing Web Development Better Part 2

Expression Blend 5-Day On-Ramp Course: A Directory of Material


Retrieve data from an ASP.Net application using Ado.Net 2.0 disconnected model

Retrieve data from an ASP.Net application using ADO.Net 2.0 connected model

Track updated/inserted entities in LINQ to SQL applications

Now Available:  Updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Covering All the Latest Features and Enhancements

Real World Windows Azure: Interview with Wolf Ruzicka, CEO of EastBanc Technologies, and Evgeny Popov, Head of the Microsoft Business Unit at EastBanc Technologies.

ADP and NVoicePay Power E-Payments For More Than 18,000 Car Dealers Worldwide with Windows Azure

Novell joins Windows Azure TAP To Test and Validate Novell Cloud Security Service

ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_OS seen with Windows Azure Drives

Page Blob Writes in Windows Azure Storage Client Library does not support Streams with non-zero Position

Announcing Pirates Love Daisies: an HTML5 Tower Defense Game by Grant Skinner


Parallelism: In the Cloud, Cluster and Client

Code Sample

ANLP - Another .NET Lexer Parser

NDepend – Code Query Language (CQL)

ASP.NET 4.0 Script Manager Enhancement Part-2 AjaxFrameworkMode Property

Entity Association Mapping with Code First Part 2: One-to-One Shared Primary Key Associations

Identifying AppFabric Access Control Service users uniquely

Windows Phone 7 Database Rapid Repository V2.0 Examining Operation Requests

Windows Phone 7 Database Rapid Repository V2.0 Caching

Windows Phone 7 Database Rapid Repository V2.0 File Helper

Windows Phone 7 Database Rapid Repository V2.0 Create Read Update and Delete


Marking Tasks and Bugs as “Done” During a Check-in


Presales topics on Microsoft Dynamics AX

“Fuel Tracker” Guidance Application – Drop 3

Patch notice

Playing sound effects on Windows Phone 7


ASP.NET MVC 3: Razor’s @: and <text> syntax

Access .accdb format’s

jQuery Templates with ASP.NET MVC

Retrieving data using stored procedures with LINQ to SQL in an ASP.Net application

Using a service registry that doesn’t suck part I: UDDI is dead

ALM Summit Videos Available On-line


December 16th What's Happening Around Visual Studio

SQL Server

Join the TFS development team and help shape the industry

Visual Studio

Hiring for Roslyn

Forward Navigation on the Windows Phone

How to solve Visual Studio hang problem when working in win7 with Norton antivirus

ASP.NET MVC 3: Implicit and Explicit code nuggets with Razor 

Using Custom Validation with LINQ to SQL in an ASP.Net application

Using Geolocation in the Browser and with Hosted Services

Windows/SQL Azure

ASP.NET MVC 3: Razor’s @: and <text> syntax

KB2425534 - WPF layered window doesn't appear on return from system hibernation

KB2434700 - Error downloading source - "System.IO.IOException: Unable.." 

KB977778 - TFS2005SP1: Work Item hyperlink address gets truncated after 255 char

KB2464222 - NullReferenceException's with events in nested templates in WPF appl

UI Automation Text Pattern Sample for Internet Explorer 9