2010.11.26 16:28



Session Details

8:00 am


9:00 am

 Scott Guthrie

The Future of Silverlight

10:45 am

 Jesse Liberty

Data Binding Strategies with Silverlight and WP7

11:30 am

 Yavor Georgiev

Building Compelling Apps with WCF using REST and LINQ

12:15 pm


1:00 pm

 Dan Wahlin

Building Feature Rich Business Apps Today with RIA Services

1:45 pm

 John Papa

MVVM: Why and How? Tips and Patterns using MVVM and Service Patterns with Silverlight and WP7

2:45 pm

 Tim Heuer

Tips and Tricks for a Great Installation Experience

3:30 pm

  Mike Cook &
  Jossef Goldberg

Tune Your Application: Profiling and Performance Tips

4:30 pm

 Jaime Rodriguez

Performance Tips for Silverlight Windows Phone 7

5:15 pm

After Party!

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