2012.02.09 08:50

In the working with depth data Quickstart video, we'll cover:
•An overview of how depth data represents the distance and player for every pixel
•An overview of Default and Near Mode and what features are supported in both
•An explanation of what distance data the Kinect returns including knowing when you are too near, too far, or the distance is unknown
•The formulas for calculating depth and player information
•How to visualize depth and player data, including a monochrome histogram and player colorization
•How to use the WPF DepthViewer control to understand depth data returned from the Kinect

2012.02.08 08:50
  • In the Camera Fundamentals Quickstart video, you'll learn:
  • How to leverage the AllFramesReady event to synchronize data between the color, depth, and skeletal frames
  • The supported resolutions for the color and depth cameras
  • How to read the color byte array from the ColorImageFrame event and how to dynamically build a Bitmapsource to display the color image
  • How to use the KinectColorViewer user control to display the Kinect's color image simply by databinding the Kinect property to the KinectSensorChooser user control
  • How to tilt the Kinect camera and how it determines it's current angle

2012.02.07 08:50

키넥트 개발활경을 설정하는 방법과 API에서 제공하는 기본 기능들에 대해서 설명해 주는 동영상입니다.

In setting up your development environment we'll discuss the following topics:
•The basics of using the Managed API
•The key developer resources to use in your application like the KinectWpfViewers that ship Kinect SDK Kinect Explorer sample and the Coding4Fun Toolkit for skeletal scaling that will be used in later Quickstart videos.
•Demos of how to manage and connect to a Kinect using the KinectSensors collection and using the KinectSensorChooser WPF control

2012.02.06 08:40

PC버전의 새로운 Kinect 하드웨어인 Kinect for Windows와 개발도구인 Kinect SDK for Windows가 모두 정식 버전으로 출시되었습니다. 관련된 강좌들을 모아서 보여드리도록 하겠습니다.

This video covers the basics of installing and using the Kinect sensor using v1 of the
•An overview of the Kinect for Windows Quickstart Series
•An overview of what sensors and information you can use with the Kinect hardware
•Demos: We'll show what gets installed on your PC when you install the Kinect SDK and how you can use your Kinect as a microphone using Windows Sound Recorder.